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Moving The Earth

I am deeply opposed to fracking for Coal Seam Gas (or anything probably). Even without CSG we had enough fossil fuels to fry the planet, but that doesn’t mean the current rush to gas does not make the problem worse. … Continue reading

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The Devil Is In The (Epigenetic) Detail

Were it not so tragic, the Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour (TDFT) would be one of the best scientific stories around. Any good scientific research project is like a detective story, with various false leads and twists of fate, and this … Continue reading

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Paving A Freeway To Hell

The front page of today’s Age carries a story about Professor Mike Archer’s Lazarus project, an attempt to bring back from the dead the extinct gastric brooding frog. Archer is using cloning techniques to inject the frog’s DNA into eggs … Continue reading

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Forests Beat Whales

When I wrote my most recent post, on the essential role whales play in the global ecosystem, I thought I was on a winner. Everyone loves whales, right? Well at least Australians do. But this has been one of the … Continue reading

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Whales Explained

When I was a uni student some people used to think it was terribly witty to hold up signs saying “Save the krill, harpoon a whale”. Some time ago I wrote an article on research showing that fewer whales actually … Continue reading

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