Forests Beat Whales

When I wrote my most recent post, on the essential role whales play in the global ecosystem, I thought I was on a winner. Everyone loves whales, right? Well at least Australians do. But this has been one of the least read posts I have had since I started blogging more intensively late last year.

One the other hand, my previous post, on how forests may drive continental rain systems, is now my second most read post of all time (by a fair way) and rapidly running down the leader, which was promoted on ABC online. There’s certainly more science in the forest piece, but I must confess I didn’t expect that would matter much relative to people thinking “ohh whales, likey”. Doesn’t seem to have worked out that way.

About Stephen Luntz

I am a science journalist, specialising in Australian and New Zealand research across all fields of science. My book, Forensics, Fossils and Fruitbats: A Field Guide to Australian Scientists is out now through CSIRO Publishing. I am also a professional returning officer for non-government organisations. I'm very politically active, but generally try to restrict this blog to scientific matters.
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