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Back of the Envelope Calculations On Peak Coal

There are plenty of articles in circulation about how China is winding back its construction of coal fired power plants. I’m not sure if coal’s boosters are worried, but they certainly pretend not. The response seems to be that even … Continue reading

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Portland To Portland

I got sent a media release today about this project to build a wavefarm off Portland, Victoria. As is often the case, there is less to the release than meets the eye. All they are actually doing is conducting a … Continue reading

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Flying High

When asked to name my favourite scientist from the book, I usually go for Saul Griffith. Ilon Musk will probably ensure that Griffith will not take the title of the Da Vinci/Edison of our generation but he’s certainly got some … Continue reading

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The Opposite of What Australia Does

The politics of Vanuatu are so fluid that we can hardly rely on a decision made by a Prime Minister in office for less than two months to stand, but it still strikes me as pretty significant that this tiny … Continue reading

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Hope Again

When I was about 15 I read a book projecting the world 50 years hence. I think it had been published in 1980, so we are now two thirds of the way to the date it was trying to foresee. … Continue reading

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Taking It To The Streets

Yesterday I was doorknocked by a young man who has received a grant to create a wildlife corridor linking two creeks. Although there are some parks between the creeks these will not be used, as most lead to substantial dead … Continue reading

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A Different Sort of Hope

Towards the end of last year I wrote on why, despite all the bad news on global warming, I still have hope. With the US election tomorrow, I thought I would tackle the question from a different angle. I’ll admit … Continue reading

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Towards A Solarpowered Slutwalk

Two days ago I had solar panels installed. It’s taken a while, but I was waiting for the boom caused by temporary rebates to subside. Yesterday I went to Slutwalk, a protest against blaming the victim of rape (While I … Continue reading

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Double Clean Energy Celebration

I’ve been wanting to celebrate my 100th blog post with something significant. I know this one is rather long, and in some parts might be confusing to those without a physics background. However, on this day when Australia prices pollution, … Continue reading

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Why I Still Have Hope

It’s very, very easy to be depressed into despair about the state of the world, and global warming in particular. Based on this report there is a very real possibility that we’ve already screwed the planet to the point where … Continue reading

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