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Lies, Damned Lies and Climate

One of the things that is meant to distinguish newspapers of record from trashier outlets is factchecking. This is one of the many things generally thought to have declined as budgets are squeezed, even as checking becomes easier. Nevertheless, if … Continue reading

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Science, Parties, Anything

Update: If anyone is inspired by this to see Mick Thomas, they might want to consider this charity concert. I spent Christmas Eve enacting one of my annual traditions, seeing Mick Thomas perform. Thomas used to be with Weddings, Parties, … Continue reading

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Feminism and Science

Cherchez La Femme is a truly wonderful monthly discussion group hosted by the awesome Karen Pickering. Each event is based around an event “Feminism and…” While all the ones I have been to have been great, the Feminism and Science … Continue reading

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What Stops Religion?

Update: I’ve had some really thoughtful responses on my facebook page to the original version of this post. I already knew it wasn’t really right when I posted it, but it was so delayed I thought I’d just run with … Continue reading

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My Philosphy of Fundraising

(Not Science, but posting here so I can send to friends easily). At this time of year I get sent messages from the online lobby group/newssite Causes saying “Thanks to Facebook, in one week all of your friends will see … Continue reading

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The Denialist Circle

A search of Google News brings up no references to this paper, which seems to me a pity. As part of her PhD at Curtin University CSIRO researcher Zoe Leviston conducted two studies of what people thought about climate change. … Continue reading

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This, Just This.

Around the age of seven I decided I wanted to be an astronomer. As time went on my choice refined. I wanted to work on the discovery of extra-solar planets, that is planets around stars other than the Sun (something … Continue reading

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Self-defeating Bowerbirds

Bowerbirds are famous for the method the males use to attract mates. They construct a sort of archway from grasses and what is called a court out of stones, bones and brightly coloured objects. When a female comes past the … Continue reading

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Good Science And Bad

Two of the organisers of TEDx have published a letter to the TEDx community encouraging people to think before putting someone on stage. They note that there is no single test to establish whether what someone is promoting is good … Continue reading

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Vale Patrick Moore (The Good One)

Patrick Moore died yesterday. That’s Patrick Moore the astronomer and science communicator, not Patrick Moore the liar for hire*. The astronomer Moore’s politics were not all that much closer to mine than his namesake – he supported UKIP and various … Continue reading

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