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Launch Video

The launch was a huge success, although a few people couldn’t fit in. I missed Emilie Zoey Baker while trying to organise other things, there but was a huge response – as I expected, given how great the poem she … Continue reading

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Happy Little Vegemites?

After my post on folate and migraines I wondered about the folate content of vegemite. After all it’s made from brewer’s yeast, which is a very rich source of folate. Indeed5 grams has 50% of the RDI. Of course, 5 … Continue reading

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Same behaviour, different interpretation?

The BBC reports on some interesting behaviour amongst sparrows, where some will take the side of their neighbours against intruders. However, the report at least appears to be interpreting this behaviour very differently from the way some Australian scientists interpreted … Continue reading

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No Tech Clean Water

October 15 is Blog Action Day when thousands of bloggers discuss the same topic from different angles. This year the topic is water. Although I’m a bit late, its still October 15 in Hawaii so I thought I would pile … Continue reading

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Hope for Headaches

I was pretty lucky to miss a migraine gene (or out of respect for PZ Myers, should I say, a migraine-susceptibility mutation). My father has one, and suffers a lot, as does my sister. Apparently in the economic effects in … Continue reading

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Strange Company

Being part of Australia’s most important research institutieon, CSIRO Publishing was the logical place to go with a book about Australian scientists. Nevertheless, I am sometimes reminded that popular science represents a small part of their list. That woud be … Continue reading

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Who’s The Book For?

One of the challenges in marketing a book like this is explaining who it’s for and why it matters. There isn’t really a niche it fits into, or perhaps it partially fits several niches. The publishers see the main audience … Continue reading

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I’ll be launching the book on October 28 from 6pm (formalities probably from 7) at Blue Velvet, 60 Smith St Collingwood. Everyone is welcome. If you tell me you’re coming by October 22 I’ll book some finger food for you. … Continue reading

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