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Star Votes

Aside from science, my major intellectual interest is in psephology, the study of elections. It’s not often I get to combine the two. Science, as a general rule, is not a democracy. Questions are decided on facts, not opinions. However, … Continue reading

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Skink Sex Selection

And now my much awaited post on sex selection in skinks. With mammalian arrogance we think of sex selection as something that happens genetically. Two XX chromosomes makes a female, and X and a Y makes a male. Occasional variations … Continue reading

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A New Low

Yes I know both my readers are waiting with baited breath to learn about sex selection strategies in skinks, but this is a little more immediate. ABC News radio today gave Bob Carter several minutes to proclaim that the world … Continue reading

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January Australasian Science

Writing for a monthly isn’t really compatible with blogging. When I write the stories I can’t link to them, and by the time the edition comes out I tend to forget. Nevertheless, I’m going to try to promote the stories … Continue reading

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Seeking Work

I haven’t had to actively seek work for a while now. I’ve been at Australasian Science a day a week for 13 years, and while my other work* is a bit erratic, it’s been seven years since I have not … Continue reading

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Way To Miss The Point

A seriously exciting experiment started last week. If it works it could launch something of a revolution in global health. It has particular relevancy to people’s daily lives and local current events. Australian too. Now the mainstream media did cover … Continue reading

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Stand Back, I’m About To Try SCIENCE

Via Pavlov’s Cat comes this further evidence of the sad decline of our public broadcaster. Here we have a genuine mystery. Two approaches are possible: investigation using scientific techniques of hypothesis testing, or sitting back in one’s chair and summoning … Continue reading

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