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The Science Story With Everything

Back in August I posted this on Facebook: “I have been given what looks like the perfect science story. It combines geology, paleontology, astronomy, ecology and a little chemistry to produce a radical but plausible explanation for a major scientific … Continue reading

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Blow up?

Well Four Corners last night rather put my previous post, about fracking causing earthquakes, in the shade. Allegations that coal seam gas mining leads to dangerous leakage of natural gas, and possibly fracking chemicals, have been bubbling along (as it … Continue reading

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Moving The Earth

I am deeply opposed to fracking for Coal Seam Gas (or anything probably). Even without CSG we had enough fossil fuels to fry the planet, but that doesn’t mean the current rush to gas does not make the problem worse. … Continue reading

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League of Dishonourable Gentlemen

Crikey has a post (may be paywalled) about Danny Nalliah’s new party, which is being promoted by famous climate change denialist Viscount Christopher Monkton. It’s a good summation of the sort of lunacy that exists on the fringes of Australian … Continue reading

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Good Science And Bad

Two of the organisers of TEDx have published a letter to the TEDx community encouraging people to think before putting someone on stage. They note that there is no single test to establish whether what someone is promoting is good … Continue reading

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Politician Reviewed Science

This week I interviewed Dr Damien Maher, the first scientist I can remember to be denounced by a federal minister. Thankfully, it wasn’t the minister for science, but for mining (and tourism). I suppose we should be pleased to learn … Continue reading

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November Aus Science

The November edition of Australasian Science has been on the shelves for a while, but it’s still there for anyone I can inspire to buy a copy. Many people will have already heard of the discovery that the dolphins of … Continue reading

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