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Vanadium To The Rescue

As promised back here, my profile of Emeritus Professor Maria Skyllas-Kazacos is now online. Skyllas-Kazacos is a genuine unknown to the Australian public. Yes if you Google her plenty comes up, but even amongst my friends not one seems to … Continue reading

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Scientist Scripts

I imagine few Australians have missed the debate about whether it was wise fo Cate Blanchett to be included in the ads campaigning for a price on carbon. All this left me wondering: How would people have responded to a … Continue reading

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Saul Griffith at TEDX

As I may have mentioned before, Saul Griffith is an inspiration. When asked to pick a single highlight from my book, he’s usually the one I go for. (Although I actually think my profile of him is one of the … Continue reading

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Fish Queue Here

One of my favourite science lobbying stories is about how a team of conservation biologists managed to extract support for funding to save a rare bird from a usually anti-environmental US Senator. Realizing that his conservative sexual politics trumped his … Continue reading

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Omega Centauri Come On Down

Back here I covered Duncan Forbes efforts to engage the public in the question of what a galaxy actually is, and how one distinguishes it from a globular star cluster. Voting is still open, but enough people have taken part … Continue reading

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Who Are The Early Adopters?

Three months ago I was letterboxing in Broadmeadows for the by-election there and was struck by the number of rooftop solar panels I saw. The numbers were around the national average. Given that this is one of the poorest areas … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a Budget

Personally there is plenty in the budget I’m outraged about, but from the perspective of this blog there’s no doubt science dodged a bullet here. And I do mean dodged – it didn’t miss by luck. Congratulations to everyone involved … Continue reading

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Synchrotron Sorrow

The Australian synchrotron is in big trouble. It’s funding comes to an end next year, and the state government is considering not renewing it. Just when it looks like Australian science may have dodged the bullet of funding cuts (although … Continue reading

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aMAYzing Australasian Science

Despite the headline, I’ll admit none of my contributions to the new edition are likely to make a list of my best ever articles, but there are still some I think are of interest. The Cool Scientist  is remarkable in … Continue reading

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Bad Project

A friend of mine currently buried in her doctorate posted this on facebook. Arguably whoever created it had too much time on their hands (perhaps they were waiting for the thesis to be returned rather than in the throws of … Continue reading

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