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Vanadium To The Rescue

As promised back here, my profile of Emeritus Professor Maria Skyllas-Kazacos is now online. Skyllas-Kazacos is a genuine unknown to the Australian public. Yes if you Google her plenty comes up, but even amongst my friends not one seems to … Continue reading

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Scientist Scripts

I imagine few Australians have missed the debate about whether it was wise fo Cate Blanchett to be included in the ads campaigning for a price on carbon. All this left me wondering: How would people have responded to a … Continue reading

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Saul Griffith at TEDX

As I may have mentioned before, Saul Griffith is an inspiration. When asked to pick a single highlight from my book, he’s usually the one I go for. (Although I actually think my profile of him is one of the … Continue reading

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Fish Queue Here

One of my favourite science lobbying stories is about how a team of conservation biologists managed to extract support for funding to save a rare bird from a usually anti-environmental US Senator. Realizing that his conservative sexual politics trumped his … Continue reading

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Omega Centauri Come On Down

Back here I covered Duncan Forbes efforts to engage the public in the question of what a galaxy actually is, and how one distinguishes it from a globular star cluster. Voting is still open, but enough people have taken part … Continue reading

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Who Are The Early Adopters?

Three months ago I was letterboxing in Broadmeadows for the by-election there and was struck by the number of rooftop solar panels I saw. The numbers were around the national average. Given that this is one of the poorest areas … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a Budget

Personally there is plenty in the budget I’m outraged about, but from the perspective of this blog there’s no doubt science dodged a bullet here. And I do mean dodged – it didn’t miss by luck. Congratulations to everyone involved … Continue reading

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