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Michelle Shocked and Eddie McGuire – That’s A Pairing You Didn’t Expect

A few months ago certain portions of the web was filled with headlines about singer Michelle Shocked going on a rant against same sex marriage including the chilling line “God hates fags”. While this would be pretty awful from anyone, … Continue reading

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Why Australia Really Matters

I’ll start this piece with a parable. At first this might be pretty familiar, but I have given it an extra twist at the end. A ship goes down and a group of people find themselves in a lifeboat. They … Continue reading

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Rock Wallaby (imagine the B52s singing it)

Ok this post is really just an excuse to include the cutest picture of all time. But there is a serious reason why the photo came my way. Brush-tail rock wallabies are endangered in NSW, and considered “near endangered” nationally, … Continue reading

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Flying High

When asked to name my favourite scientist from the book, I usually go for Saul Griffith. Ilon Musk will probably ensure that Griffith will not take the title of the Da Vinci/Edison of our generation but he’s certainly got some … Continue reading

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The Disease That Never Happened

My father taught law for almost 40 years at the University of Melbourne and achieved considerable fame in certain circles in the process. Many people were shocked to discover I was studying science and arts at the same university. “Didn’t … Continue reading

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The Opposite of What Australia Does

The politics of Vanuatu are so fluid that we can hardly rely on a decision made by a Prime Minister in office for less than two months to stand, but it still strikes me as pretty significant that this tiny … Continue reading

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Prison Privatisation Scandal Coming To You

Everyone living in a country where the privatisation of prisons has been endorsed by a major party should read this. Supporters of private prisons will certainly dismiss the case of a judge selling children to the prison system in return … Continue reading

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Denial Breeds Denial

One of the things I consider hugely important about the climate change debate is that refusal to face the facts on one issue can breed a tendency to not face reality on other topics. If, like many US Republicans, you … Continue reading

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Rainforest and Rain Redux

This post has been easily my most successful. It’s had substantially more hits even than the post that got plugged on ABC online, and more than double any other. Still minute by most blogger’s standards but important to me. Part … Continue reading

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Death Of A Fighter

Joy Baluch died on Tuesday. The name may not mean anything to some readers. On the other hand some will have seen the tributes posted by climate activists, but still only know one part of her remarkable story, but very … Continue reading

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