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Picking Winners

One of my favourite reviews of all time started out something like, “I never saw the Beatles in Hamburg. Missed out on Hendrix and the Isle of White and Dylan in Greenwich Village…” from there it went on and on, … Continue reading

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Back of the Envelope Calculations On Peak Coal

There are plenty of articles in circulation about how China is winding back its construction of coal fired power plants. I’m not sure if coal’s boosters are worried, but they certainly pretend not. The response seems to be that even … Continue reading

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A Very Bad Start

I set out my reasons for thinking that Abbott would not gain a majority in his own right at the next election in a previous post. At that stage he wasn’t experiencing a honeymoon in the polls, but they had … Continue reading

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Western Australia Senate Election

Three options are open to the Court of Disputed Returns in regard to the Western Australian Senate election. They could confirm the original result giving the last two positions to Palmer and Labor, the final count could be allowed to … Continue reading

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Mandela and Memory

The death of a figure like Nelson Mandela makes it particularly challenging to write anything of value. So many others are having their say and, if not saying it better than I can, at least to a much wider audience. … Continue reading

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