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The Word For World Really Might Be Forest

Two weeks ago (sorry about the delay) I interviewed a scientist over what might be world-changing research. The paper I covered is only a modest reworking of something that some of the authors have previously published a few times, and … Continue reading

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Where Are The Solar Panels

I found this page quite interesting. It maps the number and proportion of houses with photovoltaic panels and solar hot water by electorate. Some things are not surprising. There are a lot of both sorts of solar in South Australia … Continue reading

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Fundraising Project

Note: Not really science related, but I want to have something online I can send people to. All through this year, and quite possibly the start of next, I’m going to be fundraising to bring Heather Corinna out to Australia. … Continue reading

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Someone’s Checking Up On Me

Amongst the information WordPress provides on the blog are the search engine terms that have lead people here. In the last couple of days four people searched “Donna Staunton” and clicked through to me, which raises the question as to … Continue reading

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More On Sacrifice

I finally finished the article on Prof Paul Frijters research into testing predisposition to religious sacrifice. See original pieces here and here. The full article will be in Australasian Science in April, but I thought I’d add a couple of … Continue reading

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Outing the Pushers

I am in awe of Clementine Ford and Karen Pickering’s capacity to slice to the heart of an issue with maximum economy, and then put in an extra twist no one saw coming. I wouldn’t change a word of their … Continue reading

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Hope Again

When I was about 15 I read a book projecting the world 50 years hence. I think it had been published in 1980, so we are now two thirds of the way to the date it was trying to foresee. … Continue reading

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