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Look Well On Jaymes Diaz, He Is the Liberal Party’s Future

Science blogging will resume shortly. However, looking at the number of hits I get on my political posts compared to my science posts suggests not many people are fussed. The video of James Diaz, Liberal candidate for Greenway, making an … Continue reading

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Yet Another Reason I’m A Green

Rudd’s choice of September 7 for the election day was problematic for me, as that is the busiest weekend of the year for my election administration business. However, it also seemed to me a bad choice for him – being … Continue reading

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Outside and In

On the night of the Wills by-election in 1992 there was much excitement amongst members of the left who saw Phil Cleary’s win as the start of a new wave. Some people discussed the idea of running progressive independents in … Continue reading

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The Swing Continent

When beaten down on the evidence that Anthropogenic Global Warming is real, the last resort of inactionists is always to say “well it doesn’t matter if we do anything…we’re such a tiny part of the problem”. This of course could … Continue reading

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Psephological Fantasies

I spend a lot of time on this site talking about denialism and delusion – mainly about climate change, but also people who believe in wind turbine sickness or that vaccination causes autism. At the moment however, I am dealing … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To The Ohio Republicans

To Matt Borges and the Ohio Republican Party, I received with interest, although not a little puzzlement, your recent email to me. In it you note proudly that Ohio added 5,300 new jobs on June and 174,700 since January 2011 … Continue reading

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Vale Peter Pockley

When I expressed an intention to write obituaries marking the passing of great figures in Australian science I hoped not to be writing too many. In particular, I really didn’t want to be writing one for someone who had such … Continue reading

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Driving the Poor to Suicide

A while back I wrote a long post on the insanity of the Newstart system, which seems to have been deliberately designed to humiliate those who use it. At the time when I was going through these experiences I often … Continue reading

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Hobbit Father Dies

In looking though my writing I have come to the conclusion that obituaries bring outthe best in me – certainly quite a few of my best pieces relate to someone’s death. While I hope to be have very few opportunities … Continue reading

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