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Nova and Supernova

The last two months have treated astronomers with two unusually bright arrivals in the sky, one a nova and the other a supernova. Each is interesting in its own right, but I find the comparison particularly attractive. The first thing … Continue reading

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Burn Explanations

Asylum Seekers turned back to Indonesia claim they were beaten and forced to hold onto a hot engine until their hands were burnt. The government has dismissed these claims, saying that the asylum seekers are untrustworthy and they believe the … Continue reading

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The Singer and the Science

On Saturday night I went to a screening of the documentary “The Punk Singer” about Kathleen Hanna of the bands Bikini Kill and Le Tigre. I knew little about Hanna other than that she gave Kurt Cobain the line “Smells … Continue reading

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The Bernardi Shuffle? This Time It’s Different

The release of Senator Cory Bernardi’s book (check out the reviews here) has set social media on fire. Calling Bernardi’s office to ask for advice on the which hair colour to choose or coffee to buy is the latest craze. … Continue reading

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