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Back of the Envelope Calculations On Peak Coal

There are plenty of articles in circulation about how China is winding back its construction of coal fired power plants. I’m not sure if coal’s boosters are worried, but they certainly pretend not. The response seems to be that even … Continue reading

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It’s The F*%king Elephants!

I follow the debate about wind farms pretty closely, and made my own contribution with a piece noting that opponents often rely on claims that misunderstand how waves spread. Reading a┬ápiece by Ketan Joshi on research into the level of … Continue reading

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Portland To Portland

I got sent a media release today about this project to build a wavefarm off Portland, Victoria. As is often the case, there is less to the release than meets the eye. All they are actually doing is conducting a … Continue reading

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If You Shoot For The Queen, You Better Kill Her

You can’t quite say the Liberal and National Parties have declared war on the wind power industry. When opening the Macarthur Wind Farm Victorian premier Dennis Napthine said lots of nice things about wind turbines, and the party mostly denies … Continue reading

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Flying High

When asked to name my favourite scientist from the book, I usually go for Saul Griffith. Ilon Musk will probably ensure that Griffith will not take the title of the Da Vinci/Edison of our generation but he’s certainly got some … Continue reading

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Death Of A Fighter

Joy Baluch died on Tuesday. The name may not mean anything to some readers. On the other hand some will have seen the tributes posted by climate activists, but still only know one part of her remarkable story, but very … Continue reading

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Saving The Shires

A windmill in Lincolnshire has been restored and will grind flour using the power of the wind for the first time since 1894, removing the need to rely on electricity sourced in part from coal, gas and nuclear. It is … Continue reading

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Wind Farms And Physics Imperialism

A couple of weeks ago I wrote what was initially intended to be a post here on the claims that wind turbines cause all manner of sicknesses. When it was done I decided I liked it enough to try to … Continue reading

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Where Are The Solar Panels

I found this page quite interesting. It maps the number and proportion of houses with photovoltaic panels and solar hot water by electorate. Some things are not surprising. There are a lot of both sorts of solar in South Australia … Continue reading

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