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Is GM Really Amaizing?

For a long time I have been trying to write a post about GM foods. I’ve kept getting stuck, because my central point is that the issue is a lot more complex than most people give credit, and it’s hard … Continue reading

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Savagely Brilliant

The biggest issue for science communication today is how to get people to accept the science of climate change. Indeed there is a fair argument to be made that the entire history of science communication has been leading up to … Continue reading

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Portland To Portland

I got sent a media release today about this project to build a wavefarm off Portland, Victoria. As is often the case, there is less to the release than meets the eye. All they are actually doing is conducting a … Continue reading

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Aceh On Fire (greatly expanded)

Aceh documentary You may have heard that air quality in Singapore has been dangerously bad recently as a result of smoke from fires in Sumatra. One of the Cool Scientists from the book, Dr Emma Collier-Baker contacted me today to … Continue reading

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Heaven Getting Better Transport

It seems my friends have taken to dying in winter. Two years ago I lost four people I knew in one month, none of whom were over 55. I was only ever close to one of them, but it was … Continue reading

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If You Shoot For The Queen, You Better Kill Her

You can’t quite say the Liberal and National Parties have declared war on the wind power industry. When opening the Macarthur Wind Farm Victorian premier Dennis Napthine said lots of nice things about wind turbines, and the party mostly denies … Continue reading

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Hug A Climate Scientist redux

It’s Hug a Climate Scientist day today. The idea came from a First Dog On The Moon cartoon noting that climate scientists have to face every day in their research the fact that the environment we depend on is under … Continue reading

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Demographic Scare Campaigns

While watching the football this weekend I saw an add for Today Tonight. They’re going to be interviewing the supposed inspiration behind the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in the UK, and included a clip of him saying that Australia … Continue reading

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Sectarianism’s Many Faces

On Tuesday and Friday nights one of my possible routes home takes me past a sports field where people dressed in medieval armour belt each other with swords. It’s not something that has ever really appealed to me, and I’ve … Continue reading

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Can Evolutionary Psychology Actually Be Science?

Last night at Cherchez La Femme Karen Pickering made reference to the recent abomination where a UNM Professor Geoffrey Miller tweeted “Dear obese PhD applicants: If you don’t have the willpower to stop eating carbs, you won’t have the willpower … Continue reading

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