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Vale Johnny Clegg

It’s not often you get to participate in an important historical moment simply by watching television on your grandparents couch, but it happened to me when I was 14. To explain: my grandparents lived in South Africa, so despite my … Continue reading

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Safety In Numbers

Reading Australian political news at the moment is like drinking from a toxic firehose. The sheer awfulness of the federal government, and many of the states, means that it is easy to miss many of the things they are doing … Continue reading

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The Singer and the Science

On Saturday night I went to a screening of the documentary “The Punk Singer” about Kathleen Hanna of the bands Bikini Kill and Le Tigre. I knew little about Hanna other than that she gave Kurt Cobain the line “Smells … Continue reading

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Back of the Envelope Calculations On Peak Coal

There are plenty of articles in circulation about how China is winding back its construction of coal fired power plants. I’m not sure if coal’s boosters are worried, but they certainly pretend not. The response seems to be that even … Continue reading

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Mandela and Memory

The death of a figure like Nelson Mandela makes it particularly challenging to write anything of value. So many others are having their say and, if not saying it better than I can, at least to a much wider audience. … Continue reading

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Liberal Defectors

This evening, while attending a vaguely lefty fundraiser I ran into an old opponent from student politics. Given the location I was interested if his politics had changed and gently tried to ask about this. He said he had “moved … Continue reading

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The Inevitable Conclusion of Mia Freeman’s Logic

So Mia Freedman (backing up someone on Slate whose name I can’t be bothered researching) thinks that part of the answer to stopping rape is to warn women about drinking to much and getting into dangerous situations. My friends Amy Gray, … Continue reading

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