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Solar Makes A Home

Arriving home from some shopping today I found a man reading my meter. I expressed surprise, since I thought part of the benefit of smart readers was the cost saving in being able to read them remotely. He said the … Continue reading

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Not Fleeing, Swimming

Lark Quarry wouldn’t be a fun place to work at the moment, what with the temperatures at nearby locations over 46°C earlier this month and stunning deluges not that far away it must feel rather like being back in the … Continue reading

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Someone Call Buffy

Embiggin Books are wonderful. I say this not just because they specialise in science books and actually put my book in the window for a while, but because they are seriously trying to promote intellectual debate in Melbourne. I’d really … Continue reading

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Might Obama Go Big? And If So On What?

Most of the responses I’ve seen to Obama’s second inauguration speech don’t seem to think the more left wing rhetoric amounts to much. The expectation seems to be for four years of the same tepid compromises in most areas mixed … Continue reading

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None So Blind

My parents live in a beautiful, and beautifully located, but tiny house in the inner city. One of the ways their architect made the best use of the space available was by installing skylights all along the passageway, turning what … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theory Again

This pretty much covers a piece I have been trying to write for a while and failing in. As Nicole says, the reason we know scientists are not in a conspiracy to promote global warming is that they couldn’t organise … Continue reading

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If Only There Was A Vaccine Against Ignorance

Anyone with doubts about the merits of vaccinating their children should read this. Hopefully this heart-rending account of the effects of tetanus, a disease that, like measles, the anti-vaccination movement portrays as harmless, will succeed where statistics fail. However, the … Continue reading

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