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Crowded-Funded Autism Research on Touchscreen-Using Mice

My friend, former housemate and bartender extraordinaire (oh and brilliant scientist) Emma Burrows is having a Pozible fundraiser¬†for the research she is doing to find a cure autism. You have until December 9 to get on board. The science itself … Continue reading

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Is GM Really Amaizing?

For a long time I have been trying to write a post about GM foods. I’ve kept getting stuck, because my central point is that the issue is a lot more complex than most people give credit, and it’s hard … Continue reading

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Making Peer Review Pay

Aaron Swartz was a genius and a hero. The prosecution that presumably contributed to his death was an appalling act of overkill, particularly in contrast to the failure to prosecute financial sector crooks. But that doesn’t mean he was always … Continue reading

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Science, Parties, Anything

Update: If anyone is inspired by this to see Mick Thomas, they might want to consider this charity concert. I spent Christmas Eve enacting one of my annual traditions, seeing Mick Thomas perform. Thomas used to be with Weddings, Parties, … Continue reading

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Feminism and Science

Cherchez La Femme is a truly wonderful monthly discussion group hosted by the awesome Karen Pickering. Each event is based around an event “Feminism and…” While all the ones I have been to have been great, the Feminism and Science … Continue reading

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Why Don’t Politicians Love Science?

Recently I was set a challenge by a leading scientist/science administrator. What could be done, he asked, to make politicians more enthusiastic about science. He said there were lots of programs to generate awareness and support for science amongst the … Continue reading

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A Different Sort of Hope

Towards the end of last year I wrote on why, despite all the bad news on global warming, I still have hope. With the US election tomorrow, I thought I would tackle the question from a different angle. I’ll admit … Continue reading

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