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Crowded-Funded Autism Research on Touchscreen-Using Mice

My friend, former housemate and bartender extraordinaire (oh and brilliant scientist) Emma Burrows is having a Pozible fundraiser¬†for the research she is doing to find a cure autism. You have until December 9 to get on board. The science itself … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s Update

No disease terrifies me like dementia. Losing one’s physical capacity is scary, but I can’t imagine how awful it would be to lose one’s mental agility, often with a dose of depression thrown in. Being overweight and never having learned … Continue reading

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April Eventually

You might still be able to find copies of April Australasian Science on newsagency shelves if you hurry, so I’m putting my much delayed summary of the edition up. Neurological diseases pose a huge threat to an aging population, and … Continue reading

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Marching On

So you’re a woman out for a night on the town, but the men just won’t leave you alone. How can you get a meal without being hit on? Easy; just put yourself close to someone better looking, and rely … Continue reading

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This Is Serious Mum(s)

I wrote an article today that won’t actually be coming out for months, but it follows one of the themes I have written about quite a lot, so I thought I would jump in now. Scientists at the Telethon Institute … Continue reading

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Scientific Caution

One of the most notable aspects of scientists is their caution. Obviously this is not true of all scientists, but it is a common trait. They’re trained to be sceptical, including of their own results. Consequently, there is a tendency … Continue reading

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