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Refugee Me

I don’t write much about issues around asylum seekers, here or elsewhere. I spend relatively little time thinking about the issue for someone of my politics, basically because I find it so depressing. I think I am up to tackling … Continue reading

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The Eddington Limit – Science And Fraud

The difference between science and most other areas of life is not that scientists don’t make mistakes, but that when they do there is a reasonable chance they will eventually admit and correct it. Even if they don’t the scientific … Continue reading

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Navigating By The Stars

On Monday night much of the inner north on Melbourne suffered a blackout that went on for around six hours. I had to ride from Brunswick to Preston and back and it was a very odd experience. While for the … Continue reading

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Bad GMO Study – Is It Actually Desearch?

Last year I introduced the concept of desearch, which sadly but predictably has failed to take the world by storm. Desearch occurs when someone produces research so bad it actually weakens the case they claim it is supporting. In the … Continue reading

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Slaying The Dragon

The Komodo Dragon is a truly wondrous beast. According to venom expert A/Prof Bryan Fry it has a kill rate for its normal prey higher than lions or great white sharks. (Remember that if you have to choose which to … Continue reading

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It’s The F*%king Elephants!

I follow the debate about wind farms pretty closely, and made my own contribution with a piece noting that opponents often rely on claims that misunderstand how waves spread. Reading a┬ápiece by Ketan Joshi on research into the level of … Continue reading

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O Canada

Today is Canada day, and lately my thoughts have been turning more and more often that other (largely) English speaking country with a small population spread across a vast landmass. Sadly, most of those thoughts are about the tragic state … Continue reading

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