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Inverter Update

A little while ago I posted on the need for cheap inverters if photovoltaics are to really come of age. Looking at the latest solarbuzz update we see just how important that is becoming. Retail panel prices dropped 6% in … Continue reading

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Solar Discovery at Thirteen – Well No Actually

It’s not Australian or New Zealand research, sadly, but this is simply so cool I can’t resist posting. In one sense I wouldn’t get too excited. I’m doubtful how often this will prove practical. Solar panels are laid flat because … Continue reading

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We’re All In Kansas Now, Toto

Watching the global investment markets melt down I can’t help noticing that most of the trillions of dollars of losses are being felt by the rich. Yet these losses are the result of economic policies they pushed for. What is … Continue reading

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Carbon Capture Update

After a year of writing only one post has attracted significant attention: My piece comparing the viability of carbon capture and storage for coal-fired power stations with vanadium batteries as a storage method for renewably-produced energy. One half of this … Continue reading

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Three For One Medical Research Triumph

Research Australia has a report out on the state of medical research in Australia (currently a pdf is on the front page). I’ll acknowledge first up that it’s possible there is some cherry picking of data here to blow Australia’s … Continue reading

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