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Science, Comedy, Poetry

This really is a work of art. The poetry, the animation, everything. Of course Minchin’s argument as presented here is a bit over-simplistic. Perhaps that’s actually his view, but as someone who has never done very well with rhyme and … Continue reading

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Cash Capture and Storage

An astonishing proportion of Australia’s research budget goes on carbon capture and storage (CCS). While it’s generally better for researchers to worry about enlarging the total pie for research funding, through campaigns such as Discoveries Need Dollars, than to squabble … Continue reading

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Neuroplasticity Stikes Back

Norman Doig’s The Brain that Changes itself has been one of the most successful popular science books of recent years. Successful in raw sales, but also in getting it’s central concept, neuroplasticity, into the popular vocabulary. The point is that … Continue reading

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