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Wanted: Cheap Inverters

Falling prices for renewable energy are central to getting action on climate change, a common (some would say repetitive) theme of this blog. We can beat climate change without them, but at a price most people are currently unwilling to … Continue reading

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Common Colds and Common Stupidity

I have a cold. It’s not a particularly bad cold. I’ve got by on a couple of aspirin a day and lots of cough lollies, rather than having to dose myself up to the eyeballs on neurofin plus or something … Continue reading

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That’s Not A Controversy, THIS Is A Controversy

So, the president of the Liberal National Party thinks teaching of climate change in schools is “one sided“. He wants both sides taught – scientific evidence and barefaced lies, presumably. Or maybe he’d settle for the counter side involving people … Continue reading

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Science and Environmentalism In Conflict

I am an advocate for science. I am also an environmentalist. Most of the time there is not the slightest contradiction between these things, quite the opposite. On global warming, certainly the most important environmental issue or our time (and … Continue reading

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Science V Religion – The Funding Round

Hopefully I don’t need to convince anyone reading this blog of what a bad idea this is. I don’t know how successful these programs are, but it’s not as though the money is being put into other programs promoting science … Continue reading

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Carbon Tax Response

I feel as though I should make some comment on the carbon tax, given that it’s undoubtedly one of the most significant reforms in Australia’s history, and has strong implications for science and technology. Trouble is I can’t think of … Continue reading

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Feeling Quakey

A few minutes ago my house shook. It’s the first time I’ve very really felt anĀ  earth tremour, although I did once have a door slam and only realise afterwards that a quake had caused it. That’s Melbourne really. However, … Continue reading

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Psephological Prediction

It’s debatable whether psephology is actually a science. Thomas Kuhn would probably have classified it as a pre-science. Nevertheless, the rise of bloggers who are willing and able to use statistical modeling, rather than simply their guts to make predictions … Continue reading

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