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The Science Story With Everything

Back in August I posted this on Facebook: “I have been given what looks like the perfect science story. It combines geology, paleontology, astronomy, ecology and a little chemistry to produce a radical but plausible explanation for a major scientific … Continue reading

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Crowded-Funded Autism Research on Touchscreen-Using Mice

My friend, former housemate and bartender extraordinaire (oh and brilliant scientist) Emma Burrows is having a Pozible fundraiser¬†for the research she is doing to find a cure autism. You have until December 9 to get on board. The science itself … Continue reading

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Vale Peter Pockley

When I expressed an intention to write obituaries marking the passing of great figures in Australian science I hoped not to be writing too many. In particular, I really didn’t want to be writing one for someone who had such … Continue reading

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April Still On Sale

I’ve got out of the habit of posting about each edition of Australasian Science, but this April edition certainly justifies something. When looking for writing work I think this will be my CV edition. For a start, the cover story … Continue reading

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Someone’s Checking Up On Me

Amongst the information WordPress provides on the blog are the search engine terms that have lead people here. In the last couple of days four people searched “Donna Staunton” and clicked through to me, which raises the question as to … Continue reading

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Outing the Pushers

I am in awe of Clementine Ford and Karen Pickering’s capacity to slice to the heart of an issue with maximum economy, and then put in an extra twist no one saw coming. I wouldn’t change a word of their … Continue reading

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Making Peer Review Pay

Aaron Swartz was a genius and a hero. The prosecution that presumably contributed to his death was an appalling act of overkill, particularly in contrast to the failure to prosecute financial sector crooks. But that doesn’t mean he was always … Continue reading

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My Life On Newstart (Just a hint of science)

Jenny Macklin’s mumbled response, and the mysterious disappearance of her words from the transcript, seem to have finally got the issue of survival on Newstart onto the public agenda. A number of people posted their own experiences so I thought … Continue reading

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How Religious Are Athiests?

Shifting direction rather dramatically, on Monday I interviewed University of Queensland Professor of Economics Paul Frijters about an extraordinary experiment he conducted. We normally don’t cover Economics at Australasian Science, but this experiment was more philosophy than economics with broad … Continue reading

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One For The Lifeguards

The closest I have ever come to death was when, at about 12, I was swept out to sea. I was swimming between the flags, on a sandbar where the water was about up to my chest, and suddenly found … Continue reading

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