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How Religious Are Athiests?

Shifting direction rather dramatically, on Monday I interviewed University of Queensland Professor of Economics Paul Frijters about an extraordinary experiment he conducted. We normally don’t cover Economics at Australasian Science, but this experiment was more philosophy than economics with broad … Continue reading

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Politician Reviewed Science

This week I interviewed Dr Damien Maher, the first scientist I can remember to be denounced by a federal minister. Thankfully, it wasn’t the minister for science, but for mining (and tourism). I suppose we should be pleased to learn … Continue reading

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Why Don’t Politicians Love Science?

Recently I was set a challenge by a leading scientist/science administrator. What could be done, he asked, to make politicians more enthusiastic about science. He said there were lots of programs to generate awareness and support for science amongst the … Continue reading

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A Different Sort of Hope

Towards the end of last year I wrote on why, despite all the bad news on global warming, I still have hope. With the US election tomorrow, I thought I would tackle the question from a different angle. I’ll admit … Continue reading

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