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Wind Farms And Physics Imperialism

A couple of weeks ago I wrote what was initially intended to be a post here on the claims that wind turbines cause all manner of sicknesses. When it was done I decided I liked it enough to try to … Continue reading

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There Is Always Hope

My last post, on the state of physics pracs, was pretty bleak, so I thought I would share a delightful thing that happened in the very prac in which the ruler-shortage incident occurred. The pracs are run with two demonstrators, … Continue reading

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One Ruler To Rule Them All

The proposal to increase funding for the primary and high school system in part out of an “efficiency dividend” from universities suggests the federal government has very little idea of the state of the university system. I’ll note in passing … Continue reading

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Restoring My Faith In Physicists

I have long argued that getting more scientists into parliament would help the governance of this country. For a start, anything that increases the diversity from lawyers and political staffers is probably a good thing. Moreover, many scientists will have … Continue reading

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The Word For World Really Might Be Forest

Two weeks ago (sorry about the delay) I interviewed a scientist over what might be world-changing research. The paper I covered is only a modest reworking of something that some of the authors have previously published a few times, and … Continue reading

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I can’t say I saw this coming. I’ve interviewed Professor Schmidt several times and was certainly aware he’s an astronomer of great distinction, but had no idea a Nobel was on the cards.I wonder whether he’s just being modest in … Continue reading

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