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Can Evolutionary Psychology Actually Be Science?

Last night at Cherchez La Femme Karen Pickering made reference to the recent abomination where a UNM Professor Geoffrey Miller tweeted “Dear obese PhD applicants: If you don’t have the willpower to stop eating carbs, you won’t have the willpower … Continue reading

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Self-defeating Bowerbirds

Bowerbirds are famous for the method the males use to attract mates. They construct a sort of archway from grasses and what is called a court out of stones, bones and brightly coloured objects. When a female comes past the … Continue reading

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Marching On

So you’re a woman out for a night on the town, but the men just won’t leave you alone. How can you get a meal without being hit on? Easy; just put yourself close to someone better looking, and rely … Continue reading

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Dating Advice From Dolphins

As I noted here, I think we need to be very, very careful in extrapolating any observations of animal behaviours to some sort of “natural” human state. Nevertheless, I do think there is something besides amusement value to be gained … Continue reading

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Animal Spirits

I doubt I need to convince any of this blog’s limited audience of the vacuousness of the bigot’s cry that homosexuality is “not natural”. There’s a post circulating on facebook that says something like “Homosexuality has been observed in 84 … Continue reading

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Striking While The Rock Is Hot

Just three months ago a paper was published reporting the first observed case in the wild of tool use in fish. Now, a different technique has been observed being applied by the same species but a different country. And this … Continue reading

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Sweet September

I haven’t been posting much lately because my non-science related work is concentrated in August and September. However, I thought I’d better show I’m alive so here’s a round-up of the highlights of September Australasian Science. I haven’t had time … Continue reading

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Well I’m Inspired

I interviewed Dr Lexa Grutter (all the way from Alaska) on Monday. Lexa is one of my favourite scientists. For a start she has been part of so much fascinating research that she’s coming equal first with Tony Hannan in … Continue reading

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A Scientist With Bite

While browsing in a bookshop today I came across a set of profiles of inspirational young Australians. At least that was what the book claimed – I’d only heard of about half of them. What I noticed however, was that … Continue reading

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Fish Queue Here

One of my favourite science lobbying stories is about how a team of conservation biologists managed to extract support for funding to save a rare bird from a usually anti-environmental US Senator. Realizing that his conservative sexual politics trumped his … Continue reading

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