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Beeing Uncertain

Lot’s of people are celebrating the EU’s decision to place a moratorium on certain chemicals for two years. I am too, but for somewhat different reasons. If you look at that link, or most of the other things around from … Continue reading

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong? What Could Go Right?

For Charlie Sanders – who’s suffering Monash University has billboards around town promoting things they are doing with the tag line “We think that’s brilliant”. One of them has a huge image of the relevant insect with something along the … Continue reading

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Don’t Worry…

It’s only a flesh wound.     Leading venom expert Bryan Fry comes face to face with a python. Fry has just shown that, while pythons are not venomous in the normal sense, their saliva does retain trace elements of … Continue reading

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April Still On Sale

I’ve got out of the habit of posting about each edition of Australasian Science, but this April edition certainly justifies something. When looking for writing work I think this will be my CV edition. For a start, the cover story … Continue reading

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Alan Jones And Dying of Pain

Alan Jones no doubt feels entirely vindicated in his warning about international students being behind the Boston bombings. After all, the alleged perpetrators appear are from overseas, and they did study in America, even if from Jones’ perspective they lack … Continue reading

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Wind Farms And Physics Imperialism

A couple of weeks ago I wrote what was initially intended to be a post here on the claims that wind turbines cause all manner of sicknesses. When it was done I decided I liked it enough to try to … Continue reading

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There Is Always Hope

My last post, on the state of physics pracs, was pretty bleak, so I thought I would share a delightful thing that happened in the very prac in which the ruler-shortage incident occurred. The pracs are run with two demonstrators, … Continue reading

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One Ruler To Rule Them All

The proposal to increase funding for the primary and high school system in part out of an “efficiency dividend” from universities suggests the federal government has very little idea of the state of the university system. I’ll note in passing … Continue reading

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Restoring My Faith In Physicists

I have long argued that getting more scientists into parliament would help the governance of this country. For a start, anything that increases the diversity from lawyers and political staffers is probably a good thing. Moreover, many scientists will have … Continue reading

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Real Heroism

I wrote an article today on a step towards a cure for HIV. It’s interesting in itself, and obviously if it goes the distance it is truly huge, but the thing that struck me the most was the people who … Continue reading

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