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Hobbit Father Dies

In looking though my writing I have come to the conclusion that obituaries bring outthe best in me – certainly quite a few of my best pieces relate to someone’s death. While I hope to be have very few opportunities … Continue reading

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Welcome The New (Old) Koala

Did you know that even though there is only one living species of koala, there are 18 extinct ones? Me neither. Actually pretty much no one did, because the 18th only just got announced in the Journal of Systematic Paleontology. … Continue reading

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“They Were Dead When We Got Here – Honest”

There has been a new development in one of the great battles of Australian science is the question of what killed the megafauna. Last night I heard UNSW Assistant Professor Stephen Wroe on the BBC discussing the latest strike from … Continue reading

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Not Fleeing, Swimming

Lark Quarry wouldn’t be a fun place to work at the moment, what with the temperatures at nearby locations over 46°C earlier this month and stunning deluges not that far away it must feel rather like being back in the … Continue reading

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Marching On

So you’re a woman out for a night on the town, but the men just won’t leave you alone. How can you get a meal without being hit on? Easy; just put yourself close to someone better looking, and rely … Continue reading

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Sweet September

I haven’t been posting much lately because my non-science related work is concentrated in August and September. However, I thought I’d better show I’m alive so here’s a round-up of the highlights of September Australasian Science. I haven’t had time … Continue reading

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