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Aus Science Double Issue

The July/August* edition of Australasian Science is out a couple of days early. It’s turned into a celebration of women in science. Bill Mackey has written profiles (sub only) of 12 of Australia’s leading female scientists, particularly focussing on those … Continue reading

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Well I’m Inspired

I interviewed Dr Lexa Grutter (all the way from Alaska) on Monday. Lexa is one of my favourite scientists. For a start she has been part of so much fascinating research that she’s coming equal first with Tony Hannan in … Continue reading

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A Scientist With Bite

While browsing in a bookshop today I came across a set of profiles of inspirational young Australians. At least that was what the book claimed – I’d only heard of about half of them. What I noticed however, was that … Continue reading

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Heavenly Photos

It’s a bit of a cliche that astronomy is different from other sciences in the extent to which amateurs can make a contribution. With photos like these – who cares? Congratulations Alex Cherney, winner of the Starmus photography prize. Much … Continue reading

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Return Of The Sun

One of the things I’ve noticed about the Melbourne winter is that people seem to get most depressed by it before it has truly begun. From the first time it gets really cold in May, through most of June many … Continue reading

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Why Australian Science?

I can imagine that, if I got more feedback on this site, one of the questions would be: Why Australian science? Science is global after all. Isn’t there something nationalistic about devoting a blog, not to mention a book, to … Continue reading

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Name A Scientist

For ten years I have been writing the Cool Scientist column for Australasian Science, with three quarters of the columns going on to be included, in modified forms, in Forensics, Fossils and Fruitbats. The January/February edition will include the 100th … Continue reading

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