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Must the World Starve?

Today is blog action day, and I signed up to write a post about this year’s issue, food. I had the usual good intentions of doing some research for the topic, but now find myself running out of time to … Continue reading

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Since Brian Schmit’s Nobel victory I’ve had plenty of people say “I bet you wish you’d nabbed him for the book”. Naturally I do. I had no idea about his second career as a winemaker, but his research alone was … Continue reading

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Predicting earthquakes is a much less developed field than predicting climate; perhaps even than predicting weather. So it seems pretty harsh to charge seismologists with manslaughter for not releasing warnings they were not confident had much reliability. On the other … Continue reading

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I can’t say I saw this coming. I’ve interviewed Professor Schmidt several times and was certainly aware he’s an astronomer of great distinction, but had no idea a Nobel was on the cards.I wonder whether he’s just being modest in … Continue reading

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Striking While The Rock Is Hot

Just three months ago a paper was published reporting the first observed case in the wild of tool use in fish. Now, a different technique has been observed being applied by the same species but a different country. And this … Continue reading

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