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Denial Breeds Denial

One of the things I consider hugely important about the climate change debate is that refusal to face the facts on one issue can breed a tendency to not face reality on other topics. If, like many US Republicans, you … Continue reading

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Rainforest and Rain Redux

This post has been easily my most successful. It’s had substantially more hits even than the post that got plugged on ABC online, and more than double any other. Still minute by most blogger’s standards but important to me. Part … Continue reading

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Death Of A Fighter

Joy Baluch died on Tuesday. The name may not mean anything to some readers. On the other hand some will have seen the tributes posted by climate activists, but still only know one part of her remarkable story, but very … Continue reading

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Climate Scientist Elected

I’ve mentioned before that I am very keen on the idea of electing more scientists to parliament. Scientists are imperfect of course, and some more imperfect than others, but the discipline involved in sifting evidence to reach conclusions seems to … Continue reading

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“They Were Dead When We Got Here – Honest”

There has been a new development in one of the great battles of Australian science is the question of what killed the megafauna. Last night I heard UNSW Assistant Professor Stephen Wroe on the BBC discussing the latest strike from … Continue reading

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The Other Problem With Conspiracies

One of the first things I saw on my facebook wall this morning was a link to this. Having woken up sufficiently to tackle heavier fare I turned to Paul Krugman to encounter this: Truly, we live in bizarro … Continue reading

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The War On Science Students

When I received a petition for the dropping of charges against Kiera Wilmot my first instinct was that to check snopes. Surely, even in America, this could not be true. But it seems it is, or at least relatively reliable … Continue reading

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