Good News On The Synchrotron

I wrote about the threat to the Australian Synchrotron almost a year ago. They’ve cut it rather tight with the timing, but the Commonwealth and Victorian governments have come up with an arrangement, with the feds putting in $69 million and the state government $26m. (Reports say that $100m has been secured. I’m not sure if they are rounding up or if there is another $5m from somewhere). This is to last four years.

I’m not sure how much a machine like this really needs to function a year, but by all accounts this is enough for it to keep operating, if not expand as much as some may like.

It’s clearly the sensible decision, but given the history, and the current self-imposed austerity of both federal and state governments it was far from clear that sense would prevail. Great to hear that it has.


About Stephen Luntz

I am a science journalist, specialising in Australian and New Zealand research across all fields of science. My book, Forensics, Fossils and Fruitbats: A Field Guide to Australian Scientists is out now through CSIRO Publishing. I am also a professional returning officer for non-government organisations. I'm very politically active, but generally try to restrict this blog to scientific matters.
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